Reasons Why Using a Dolphin Pool Cleaner is Beneficial

Reasons Why Using a Dolphin Pool Cleaner is Beneficial

The enjoyment, relaxation, and refreshment, that comes from owning a swimming pool, comes at a high price for many a homeowner. That price is time spent in manual labor vacuuming the swimming pool’s floor and sides. Fortunately, pool owners have a choice between manual and automatic or robotic pool cleaners, all of which clean the pool floor and sides.

Here are some reasons for considering an automatic pool cleaner:

  • Easy to use – Robotic pool cleaners like the Dolphin pool cleaner are simple to use. Using an internal motor, they operate independently of the pool’s filtration system, only requiring the user to dunk then in the water and turn the switch on. Most run on a three-hour cycle unless turned off earlier.
  • Cleaning Ability – Since the pool’s floor and sides cannot be cleaned by the filtration system one needs to accomplish this manually. This is where robotic pool cleaners prevail, by not only sucking particulates and debris but by scrubbing and brushing the floor, sides, steps, and the water line. Automatic cleaners work on concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass equally well.
  • Systematic – Many models are systematic, meaning they can memorize the pool layout increasing their efficiency. With built-in computer chips and sensors, they learn the layout of the pool and determine the quickest way to clean the pool without getting stuck, missing areas, or repeating passes.
  • Independent – Armed with an internal 24-volt battery powered by a separate power cord and internal filtration system, automatic pool cleaners work without the need to be connected to the pool’s filtration system. As such, water doesn’t need to circulate through the pool’s filter, eliminating the need for backwashing and preventing clogs. Depending on the model, the robot uses either filter bags or cartridges, which require occasional emptying or rinsing off in the case of cartridges.
  • Reduced Chemical Usage – Since automatic cleaners increase water circulation, less chemicals are needed to combat algae growth and alter water chemistry, due to the improvement in circulation and the removal of debris.

An automatic pool cleaner is ideal for those folks who don’t want to spend their free time cleaning their pool, but rather swimming in it. With their incredibly strong suction abilities these devices accomplish the task quickly, efficiently, and in the process, saves the home owner money by reducing the load on the pool’s filtration system and reducing the use of pool chemicals.

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